common issues we address in therapy

Raus aus der Niedergeschlagenheit: in meiner Praxis für Psychotherapie in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg lernst du einen körperorientierten Umgang mit Depressionen und Gefühlen der Auswegslosigkeit.


Have you been dealing with ongoing feelings of sadness, a sense of emptiness, and mood swings? Psychotherapy provides a secure environment for you to dive into the root causes of your emotions and discover more effective strategies for managing them. 

Stärke deine Kommunikationsfähigkeit und lern Konflikte besser zu lösen in meiner Praxis für Paartherapie am Leisepark in Prenzlauer Berg.


Whether you're single or in a relationship, psychotherapy helps you understand your relationship patterns. It provides you with tools to communicate better and resolve conflicts in a healthier way. This way, you can build deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

Ängste verstehen und Panikattacken loswerden durch körperorientierte Psychotherapie in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

anxiety & panic attacks

Do you suffer from anxiety, nervousness or panic attacks? Psychotherapy supports you in understanding these fears and effectively managing them. Together, we develop strategies for you to better handle panic and regain control over your anxiety.

Wenn du viel Stress erlebst und kurz vor Burnout stehst, hilft körperorientierte Psychotherapie, deine Grenzen zu spüren und Wege aus der Erschöpfung zu finden.

stress & burnout

Do you feel overwhelmed, empty, and burnt out? In body-oriented psychotherapy, you learn to identify the causes of these feelings. Together, we look for a sustainable path to recovery, so you can develop more stress resilience and lead a healthier daily life.

Nicht immer pink und fluffig: die körperlichen und emotionalen Herausgefordungen für Frauen nach der Geburt können enorm sein.

women's health

Do you feel emotionally and physically drained from the challenges that come with pregnancy or after the birth of your child? I offer a safe space for you to process your feelings — so you can approach this new chapter in your life with greater confidence.


Have you experienced trauma affecting your relationship with your body, leaving you feeling disconnected? Together we gently confront these experiences, helping you regain stability, inner peace, and trust in your body, ultimately feeling at home in your own skin.