calming anxiety & overcoming panic attacks

  • Are you tired of unexpected onslaughts of anxiety and panic?
  • Has your internal alarm system spiraled out of control?
  • Do you feel trapped in a cycle of worry and unrest?
  • Do you want to use your fear as a tool for personal growth and positive change?

Anxiety and panic are widespread, from social anxieties and fear of intimacy to stage fright and fear of loss, including worries about the future. We all have our individual fears and concerns, but we also live in a societal state of fear, pumped up with adrenaline, on constant alert. Yet, the continual exposure to negative headlines and terrifying news drains and paralyzes us, leaving us frozen in a shock state, like the proverbial deer in headlights.


Fear is vital for survival. It sharpens our senses and serves as an alarm signal, helping us assess risks and dangers. It provides us with energy and stress hormones to fight or flee. Fear can inspire us to step out of our comfort zone, fostering personal growth. It can encourage us to take on challenges, learn new skills, and push our boundaries.


What's the difference between anxiety and panic?


Anxiety is a normal human reaction to a real threat, occurring in various situations, often with physical symptoms like increased heart rate, cold sweat, and trembling. Sometimes, it manifests as overwhelming worries.


Panic, on the other hand, is a sudden and overwhelming fear reaction that seems to come out of nowhere. Panic attacks can be extremely frightening, accompanied by symptoms like shortness of breath, racing heart, and dizziness.


Is body-oriented psychotherapy suitable for this?


Body-oriented therapy is particularly effective for treating anxiety and panic because it goes beyond conversation and behavioral analysis. After all, it's about regulating our exaggerated reactions through the body. Since anxiety is a very physical feeling, we best reach an overstimulated nervous system through the body and breath.


What happens when you simply allow yourself to feel the anxiety without resisting or imagining the next horror scenario? What happens the moment you agree not to know what comes next?


If you're ready to explore new ways to change your reactions to feelings of fear, I can show you how to bypass the control center in your head with the help of your body and return to your inner balance.


client feedback on sessions dealing with anxiety & panic

out of the dead ends


 Following a recommendation from friends, I started body therapy with Laura. The decisive reason for trying it was recurring panic attacks I couldn't explain, which left me incapacitated. During the sessions, I not only discovered the triggers for these attacks but also understood the origins of certain feelings that had persisted for many years and which I had come to regard as "normal": a diffuse general dissatisfaction, recurring depressive moods, and the feeling of being stuck in a dead-end without a way out.

Recognizing the causes and realizing that changing the situation was within my power was an enlightening moment (it might sound exaggerated, but it was indeed like that). The physical work not only loosened physical tensions but also unraveled various mental and emotional knots. I have regained a positive outlook on my life and being. I am certain that this is not only thanks to body therapy itself but especially to Laura's empathetic therapeutic skills. I am very grateful for this experience! 


Jean D., Bookseller, 41


panic attacks during exams


❝ Laura was recommended to me by a friend as I was increasingly suffering from panic attacks, concentration problems, and fears about the future towards the end of my exams. Although I had undergone behavioral therapy a few years earlier, it was only when I became aware of things on a physical level that I could make sustainable changes. I learned to implement in my daily life what my mind had long understood. The sessions with Laura were intense and enriching. 


Anonymous review on Jameda