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transform how we perceive ourselves and the world


"Laura's ability to listen, communicate and in turn transform how we perceive ourselves and the world in which we are has truly and completely changed my life: in its physicality, in relationship to the people around me, and in the way how I see myself. I came to Laura initially because of an overall nervousness and inability to find inner peace, and a permanent state of tension in my back. I will always remember how, at one of our first meetings, Laura observed that I wasn't breathing very much/only very shallow. This had never crossed my mind, but she was correct, and from this moment forward, Laura slowly and with utmost care --- yet decisively --- peeled away layer after layer of what had made me ill and also what caused much of my unhappiness and hence by extension restlessness.

Her sensitivity to a person's body and its connection and interplay with our mind is extraordinary. And most importantly, Laura is neither biased towards modern medicine or its alternatives, which makes her a rare find amongst those practicing a holistic approach to our health and wellbeing. Laura will bring into your life what I would describe as 'perceptual clarity' --- something I believe anyone is in need of, and something I am convinced can always be improved. I could not recommend her services, her personality or her ability to help anyone transform themselves into a better version of themselves more. I recommend her services unreservedly."

Antonia L., 35


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