A Different Kind of Psychotherapy - Somatic Therapy in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

 Do you have a lot of ideas, but lack the energy to put them into action?


Do you keep experiencing the same situations

and feel like there's nothing you can do about it?


Have the things you used to love become just another burden?


Do you suffer from anxiety, depressive moods, relationship issues or stress?



Time to change course.

It offers an approach and skills that are learned through the body. When applied they lead to achieving the impact you wish for in your life—from realizing your goals and wishes to improving your overall health and well-being - See more at: http://grinbergmethod.com/#sthash.cGoHSIjB.dpuf


The Grinberg Method is a type of somatic therapy that teaches how to let go of painful, traumatic experiences on both a mental and physical level.

somatic therapy: grinberg method®

Have you analysed and understood your behavioral patterns, but still struggle to bring about real change? Grinberg provides a means to bypass the control mechanisms of our minds and tap into a deeper level of awareness in our physical selves. It teaches us how our patterns show up in our bodies. Through attention, perception, and breathing, we can return to the body and make tangible changes within ourselves.


I offer body-based psychotherapy sessions in Prenzlauer Berg. Clients come with issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, difficulties in relationships or to deal with trauma and loss.

body-oriented psychotherapy

A combination of solution-focused talk therapy, breathwork and bodywork – this unique approach explores the intricate relationship between our emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations. For example, when we're anxious or stressed, we tense up and hold our breath. Through touch, body-centered awareness and breathwork, allow us to explore and release stored tension and emotions in the body.


EMDR - trauma therapy

Picture someone who went through a car accident. With EMDR, they revisit that memory while going through a series of guided eye movements. By targeting both brain hemispheres, we restructure the link between the traumatic memory and the emotional response. This helps rewire how the brain connects memory to emotions. We then cope better with the fear and anxiety associated with the past event.