Do you have a lot of ideas, but lack the energy to put them into action?


Do you keep experiencing the same situations

and feel like there's nothing you can do about it?


Have the things you used to love become just another burden?


Do you suffer from panic attacks, tension, pain, anxiety or stress?



Time to change course.

It offers an approach and skills that are learned through the body. When applied they lead to achieving the impact you wish for in your life—from realizing your goals and wishes to improving your overall health and well-being - See more at:


grinberg method®

Even though we sometimes have reflected on and analyzed our behavioral patterns thoroughly, we still struggle to bring about an actual change. Grinberg provides a means to bypass the "control mechanisms" of our minds and access a deeper level of awareness in our physical selves. We learn how our patterns are physically manifested and how, through attention, perception, and breathing, we can return to the body and effect real change in ourselves.

body-oriented psychotherapy

A combination of talk therapy, solution-focused approaches, breathwork, and bodywork – this is a psychotherapeutic approach that explores the intricate relationship between the body and mind. We often experience the impact of our mental state on our body, for example when we breathe faster due to stress. However, we can also use the and conscious breathing techniques to influence our mind and alleviate stress.


perinatal support

Perhaps you are currently preparing for the birth of your baby or experiencing difficulties in returning to everyday life with a newborn. You could be dealing with physical exhaustion and mental fatigue. I specialize in supporting women during the perinatal phase and offer compassionate, individual sessions to help you navigate the emotional and physical challenges of this life transition, addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, and postpartum adjustment.