about laura


I'm a Berlin-based practitioner specializing in body-oriented psychotherapy, somatic therapy and bodywork according to the Grinberg Method®. For the past 15 years, I have experienced how people not only overcome crises but can emerge from them stronger even stronger. Supporting people to make life changes, gain more self-confidence, overcome fear and pain, achieve their goals and improve their overall health and well-being, is both fascinating and rewarding. 


Having grown up in Washington D.C., I first moved to Berlin in 1999. After completing my studies in political science, Latin American studies and international relations, I worked for the Berlin daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. My research there on various mental health issues drove me to seek a profession in which I would join people in their struggles to regain their strength and self-esteem, rather than observe and write about their conditions. 


In 2006, I discovered the Grinberg Method. Through my personal process, I was able to overcome mental and emotional dead ends. Intrigued by its effectiveness, I pursued the 3-year training program and started practicing with clients. Since 2011, I've been a certified practitioner in my own practice. 


Over the years, I have continued my education in various directions. Training in solution-focused conversation at the Fokus Institute with Rita Wawrzinek revealed short-term therapy strategies that focus on the strengths and resources of the client, rather than focusing on problems and deficits. In addition, I completed a basic course in hypnotherapy at the TherMedius® Institute. Certified as an EMDR therapist since 2022, my individual and resource-oriented approach helps clients process stressful experiences and break negative thought patterns.


In 2011, I became a state-certified non-medical therapist (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie, which is basically a naturopath specializing in psychotherapy) and later completed studies to receive an unrestricted license in 2018. 


My pregnancies were a completely new form of learning process. The births of my children - my daughter was born in 2013 and my son in 2015 - taught me a new sense of body awareness. I learned about giving in to and adjusting to the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and motherhood. This led me to specialize in working with women during these intense periods of transition and recovery.