Recover from Stress & Burnout

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or burnt out?

  • Do you feel like the pressure in your life is constantly increasing, barely leaving you any room to breathe?
  • Are you often tired and drained, even after a full night's sleep? Do you find it difficult to unwind and relax, even when you have the time?
  • Have you noticed your mood and emotions becoming more unstable without any obvious reason?
  • Are you experiencing physical symptoms such as tension, stomach issues, or rapid heartbeat that could be stress-related?
  • Do you feel trapped in a never-ending cycle, unable to break free from the daily grind? Are you longing for more peace and calm in your life but unsure how to achieve it?

Stress is a constant companion in our lives. Whether it's the pressure of a thesis for university, juggling children, work, and daily life, dealing with monthly bills, or the annual tax return...our to-do lists seem to grow longer and harder to tackle.


But the truth is: A certain level of stress is not only inevitable but also quite beneficial. Stress can motivate us. It keeps us on our toes, helping us to face daily challenges and strive for our goals.


We can turn stress into our ally.


What are the warning signs of stress & burnout?


We all know that too much stress can make us sick, manifesting in various ways: physically, emotionally, and mentally. You may suffer from insomnia, constant fatigue, concentration problems, or even physical issues like headaches, tension, high blood pressure, or stomach problems. In any case, you feel irritable, overwhelmed, and paralyzed by the demands of everyday life.


When we're in a state of chronic overload, it's crucial to recognize the whirlpool we're caught in. Often, it's a combination of factors: lack of work-life balance due to overtime, constant availability, lack of recognition or appreciation at work, high self-demands, perfectionism, conflicts with supervisors or colleagues, unrealistic targets, or simply an overwhelming workload.


How can I support you?


As a body-oriented psychotherapist in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, I specialize in helping people regain their inner balance and reduce stress. My approach includes:

  • A holistic view: We look at the underlying causes of stress and burnout, as well as physical symptoms. You'll learn how to turn down the 'radio' in your head, identify limiting beliefs and conclusions that hinder you, and how your body can release and deeply relax.
  • Individualized care: Since every person is unique, I tailor my therapeutic approaches to your specific needs and goals. Some clients may need more discussion and analysis, while others might benefit more from focusing on bodywork.
  • Lasting change: My aim is not just to provide temporary relief but to promote long-term changes that lead to sustained well-being.


What can you expect in a session with me?


Building stress resilience is a skill you can master! In our sessions, we'll explore the root causes of your stress and overload together – to understand what's at the heart of your feeling of being overwhelmed. With a combination of specialized bodywork, targeted breathwork, and cognitive exercises, we aim to lessen both your physical and emotional tension. It's about awakening your body's innate ability to heal. If you're feeling burnt out, don't hesitate to seek help. Together, we can find ways to reduce your stress, foster recuperation, and enhance your overall well-being.