support during pregnancy & postpartum care

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You may find yourself having a hard time coping not only with the physical changes, but also changes in your mood, confidence and psyche. You may be fearing the process of giving birth, experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety, facing challenges in your relationship - or simply needing to take some time out for yourself to promote your mental and physical well-being.


A mother of two small children myself, I love working with women who find themselves on the sometimes bumpy journey of pregnancy and parenthood and supporting them on their road to both physical and emotional recovery.


Women experience pregnancy, giving birth and adapting to life with a baby in a myriad of ways. While some women find growing a new life in their womb to be nine months of wonder, self-awareness and joy, others feel alienated from their bodies, anxious or depressed. Some of us make a speedy recovery from delivering a baby, some of us struggle with discomfort, fatigue and insecurities, as well as physical or emotional scars. Some have an easier time handling the delights and strains of parenthood while others have more difficulty adjusting.


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